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a blog is a thing that i’ve started and stopped many times, most recently about five years ago during my first sabbatical. in my mind, i would write every single day about every single epiphany that i was sure i would have and thousands of people would find something in that blog that would somehow impact and influence their life in some way.

but the blogging every day came and went.  i wrote a few posts, and then went back to the business of being present for my epiphanies and somewhere along the way i forgot or was no longer motivated to share them again.

so right here, right now i’m going to say to you:

i will not write in this blog every day.  or even every week for that matter. but i will write something and when i do i hope you’ll read it and even more than just reading it i hope you’ll find it useful somehow because otherwise what’s the point? why not just keep a journal for yourself?

i’ll write when i care to write something but can i be honest with you? i’m working on a hundred projects right now and even today writing this i’m feeling like i should be working to move the needle on some of these things i want to bring into the world and what am i even doing writing a blog post when i have a mountain of things to do?

so before i go tackle the five writing projects i committed to finish in an hour, let me say this:

welcome to my blog.  thank you for being here. i hope this is a useful thing for you. and i appreciate all of your support.

talk soon!